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IPC Training & Courses

The Electronics Group (EGL), is the UK’s largest independent IPC and Electronics Training Centre. We have been providing both accredited and non-accredited training to the electronics industry for nearly 20 years. Operating out of our state-of-the-art Head Office in Leeds, West Yorkshire and more recently from our facility in Chippenham, Wiltshire, we offer a range of theory and practical training courses to, many of which can be tailored to suit individual client’s requirements. 

At EGL we pride ourselves on offering flexibility, after all, your business is important too. That’s why offer flexible training dates, and flexible training options. Some of our courses can be delivered remotely, negating any need for travel, and can be delivered wherever you are in the world. All our courses can be delivered at our training centre in Leeds, and the majority at your facility. We travel to all corners of the UK, and occasionally abroad, and will be happy to provide a quote to train your team anywhere in the world. 

Our IPC Training Team 

Our knowledgeable team, many of whom have been in the electronics industry for over 10 years, are always on hand to support customers pre-training, during the course and post-training.  

Our trainer team consists of Master IPC Trainers (MIT) who are qualified to IPC A 600, IPC A 610, IPC WHMA A 620, IPC J STD 001, IPC J STD 001 Space, and IPC 7711/21 MIT status meaning they can teach to IPC CIS (Certified IPC Specialist), CSE (Certified Subject Expert) or CIT (Certified IPC Trainer) level. Their IPC Accreditation and training combined with their wealth of industry knowledge and experience provides an unrivalled training experience. 

All our staff undergo basic electronics training, so whether you’re speaking with our Master IPC Trainers, Sales, or our Recruitment team, you can be confident we’ve got the knowledge to support you. 

IPC Standards and Training Explained 

IPC is a global organisation that sits on the World Electronics Council and is committed to enhancing the quality of electronics around the world. IPC not only produce standards, or books, but have also developed accredited training courses. IPC is known throughout the world of electronics and helps OEMs, CEMs, PCB manufacturers, cable and wire harness manufacturers, and electronics industry suppliers build electronics better. IPC does not dictate the standard; they collate industry opinions to produce the standards. 

The Electronics Group has been an authorised IPC Training Centre and IPC Authorised Distributor for nearly 20 years. We teach each of the main IPC certified courses. These courses are split into two categories, process “how to do” training courses and acceptance “how to check” courses. 

The 3 acceptance courses are: 

IPC A 600 – Acceptability of Printed Boards 

IPC A 610 – Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies 

IPC/WHMA A 620 – Acceptability of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies 

The 2 process courses are: 

IPC J STD 001 – Requirements for Soldering Electrical and Electronic Assemblies 

IPC 7711/21 – Rework, Modification and Repair of Electronic Assemblies 

Click on the course name to find out more information on the individual courses! 

The Three Levels of IPC Training 

The Electronics Group can provide training to three levels of IPC certification. These levels are Certified IPC Specialist or CIS, Certified Subject Expert or CIS, and Certified IPC Trainer or CIT. 

CIS training is suited for roles such as Assembly Operator and Inspectors, or general shop floor roles that require the knowledge of the standards to produce or inspection products to IPC standards. 

CSE training is suited for an individual or individuals within an organisation that may be required to act as a decision maker in a dispute between customer and manufacturer, or a subject expert for colleagues to rely on in times of uncertainty about the which standard or criteria applies. 

CIT training is suited for organisations wishing to have an internal trainer to deliver CIS training to their staff. A CIT cannot train a CSE, only CIS. CITs, as with CSE, may also sit on committees of standards to help shape future revisions. 

You can read more information on the different levels of IPC Training in this article. 

The Benefits of IPC Accreditation 

  • Adopting IPC standards throughout your business and supply chain provide clear benefits for your business. 
    • Winning new contracts 
    • Reduce costs through improved quality 
    • Increase productivity through upskilling staff 
    • Improved technical knowledge to solve problems 
    • Better teamwork through common understandings 
    • Improve efficiency through simplified procedures 
    • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty 
    • Enhanced reputation in the industry 
    • Reduced waste and throw away electronics 

    Not only are there benefits are company level but on an individual level too. 

    • Individuals hold a globally recognised industry certification 
    • Increased credibility 
    • Increased job confidence 
    • Better job prospects 

Industries adopting IPC training and certification 

The Electronics Group supports a wide range of businesses across the electronics industry spectrum. Any organisation that is involved in making circuit boards, electronic assemblies, components, cables, wire harnesses, or any company that buys such items in and needs to quality check them, will benefit from IPC training. Our clients come from industries such as: 

  • Aerospace 
  • Audio/Visual 
  • Automotive 
  • Communications and Telecoms 
  • Computers and IT Equipment 
  • Defence 
  • Energy and Renewables 
  • Industrial Controls 
  • Medical 
  • Military and Public Sector 
  • Motorsport 
  • Rail 

These industries represent a fraction of the customers we work with, and our experienced team will have a training solution for your business. 

If you are not sure that IPC training is the right option for your business, check out our Skills Courses that have been developed by our expert training team. 


"I have been using The Electronics Group (TEG) (formally Electronics Yorkshire) for over 7 years now in the support of my IPC training requirements. In my current role as an IPC trainer (CIT) TEG is instrumental in providing service, materials & support such that I can deliver quality training to our electronics design team & build facilities at Cavendish Nuclear. TEG has been a key trainer & supplier for my requirements, providing all my IPC certifications & materials. I have found them to be very helpful and supportive. TEG training facility in Leeds is well equipped for both hands on & classroom training courses. This is backed up by friendly, knowledgeable staff. I would happily recommend TEG to anyone considering IPC certification."