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Inspection Services

The Electronics Group (EGL) offers a range of specialist electronics inspection and electronics rework services. We have a range of inspection tools, including a new start of the art Nordson Dage Quadra 3 x-ray machine. All of our inspection of electronics is non-destructive, meaning your products may be re-used, reworked, or repaired – rather than wasted. Should we find defect products, we offer BGA Rework, Track Repair, and other PCBA rework, repair and modification services, all in line with IPC standards.

Most of our inspection equipment is available for hire to use yourself. Training will be provided where needed. Alternatively, we are happy to take delivery of your products to inspection on your behalf, with the option of a full IPC compliant report.



X-Ray Inspection

In 2022, EGL invested in a new Nordson Dage Quadra 3 X-Ray machine, with the aim of taking our inspection services to new levels. Our system is designed for inspection of BGA) Ball Grid Array), µBGA and CSP (Chip Scale Packaging) inspection, plus multilayer board inspection and PCBA/ electronic assembly solder joint inspection – including void analysis and short circuits. Many modern assemblies use BGA, QFN, CSP and flip-chip devices that simply cannot be visually inspected, meaning non-destructive testing methods such as high resolution x-ray analysis is the only way to investigate problems, or even customers peace of mind before delivery of their products.

Investigation applications include:

  • Fractures, cracks and faults in materials and components,
  • Counterfeit component detection
  • Dry joints
  • Bridges/ shorts
  • Voiding including analysis reporting
  • Misplacement and misalignment
  • Incorrect reflow temperature profiles

X-Ray Equipment Specification

Our new state of the art Nordson Dage Quadra 3 x-ray inspection system can offer fine detail x-ray images in thick and dense samples with magnification of us to {Insert Mag X}.

  • Micron level resolution
  • 12” x 12” scan area
  • 6000x magnification
  • 360 degree view
  • High penetration 160kV x-ray source
  • True concentric imaging – you can choose a Region of Interest (ROI) and position it in the centre of the screen. Then, under any combination of rotate, tilt or magnification, the ROI remains locked to the centre of the field of view
  • True parrel tracking – once you have the right combination of tilt and rotate to view a BGA ball, you can then run along the row of BGA balls, easily checking for failures.
  • Easy to use software
  • 5kg weight limit

Our team of highly trained electronics professionals are on hand to provide their expert inspection knowledge.

We are also happy for you to send us your products for our X-Ray Investigation Services, meaning we do all the work for you and can provide a full report of defects found, all in line with IPC standards.

EGL has supported the electronics industry for many years with our non-destructive electronics testing and inspection, with our x-ray inspection proving pivotal in the manufacturing and production of many electronics assemblies. We’ve supported with prototypes, potted boards, multi-layer products, cable and wire harnesses, large volume batches, RF filter void analysis, plus many more.


Electronics Rework

At EGL, we have an ERSA IR550 Rework machine that allows us to reflow, remove and replace BGA and QFN devices. Our team of highly trained IPC Master trainers can offer expert guidance on rework and modification of electronic assemblies.