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IPC/WHMA A-620 Acceptability of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies – Hands on Course

IPC/WHMA A-620 Hands on Course Content

Module 1 Wire Preparation – Requires IPC 620 Module 1 Pass Module 2 Crimp – Requires IPC 620 Module 1 + 2 Pass Module 3 Soldered Termination – Requires IPC 620 Modules 1 + 3 Pass Module 4 Connectorization – Requires IPC 620 Modules 1, 2, 3 + 4 Pass Module 5 Splices – Requires IPC 620 Modules 1 + 5 Pass Module 6 Coax – Requires IPC 620 1 + 7 Pass


All Modules of IPC 620 CIT/CSE Training Course pass required, all modules must be taken. *The Maximum course size is 15 Delegates IPC A-620 Hands on CIS Application Specialist

Course Duration

Course Duration 1 Day

Training Materials

Practical kits are available to purchase if required.

Course Dates

We typically run these courses every 4 weeks please ask for next availability


The Electronics Group or Onsite Options Available

Training Materials

All training materials/documentation for the duration of the course will be provided by The Electronics Group.

Facilities Required for CIS/CSE/CIT Onsite Option

We will require an appropriate room(s) in which to deliver the courses. We will require the use of a projector, flip Chart, and internet access in order to conduct the on-line testing associated with the IPC Courses. We can supply any equipment required to conduct these courses and will liaise to determine if anything is needed. For prices and availability please contact us either on 0113 274 4270 or email

IPC WHMA-A-620-Hands-on covers three classes of quality assurance:

  • Class 1
General electronic products – such as cameras, audio/video and domestic appliances. The lifetime of these products is limited, and a failure is not critical.
  • Class 2
Dedicated service electronic products – such as printers, copiers, computers and general production equipment. The lifetime of the products is longer than class 1, the amount of usage is higher, and an uninterrupted service is desirable.
  • Class 3
High reliability/critical products – such as military, aerospace and medical. Not only is the product lifetime extended but the products must function without interruption and downtime is not an acceptable option. A copy of the IPC Standard is included for each student for the duration of the course. Electronics Yorkshire Members are automatically upgraded to become full members of The Electronics Group and as a result, undertaking training at our Leeds centre receives a 10% discount on training costs. IPC training programmes are intensive courses including examinations. Students should have the necessary standard of knowledge and experience to support their attendance on a course and to undertake the examination. If students have any concerns about qualification to attend any course they should contact The Electronics Group’s training staff in advance for advice.

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