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Introduction To Electronics Fault Finding

This course is designed to develop in you a systematic approach to fault diagnosis of electronic assemblies over 5 days.

The course will cover the identification and testing of commonly used components, where you will use a range of test equipment.  We will also introduce digital number systems, logic gates and sequential logic.

Though it is highly likely that you will have an understanding of electronic theory, we find it useful to start with a refresh of basic electronic fundamentals and will cover electrical safety, and the importance of taking appropriate ESD measures.

You be able to identify common use symbols on circuit diagrams which should aid you in using schematics to determine possible faults.

The last part of the course will give you the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice to diagnose and locate a number of faults on assemblies in a workshop environment.


Course Modules

Day 1

  • Electrical Safety & ESD
  • Electrical Units & OHM’s Law
  • AC/DC Theory
  • Component Identification


Day 2

  • Inductors/ Transformers
  • Diodes, Transistors, Op Amps
  • Testing
  • Multimeters, Oscilloscopes & Power Supplies


Day 3

  • Circuits & SWMPs
  • Circuit Testing
  • Digital Systems
  • Number Systems/ Logic Gates


Day 4

  • Basic Circuit/ Symbology/ Concepts
  • Circuit Testing
  • Fault Finding
  • Diagnostics on Mixed Circuits


Day 5

  • Fault Finding ctd.
  • Diagnose on Mixed Circuits ctd.
  • Course Review


Who would benefit from this course?

This course is suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced electronics professionals looking to refresh their knowledge on Electronics Fault Finding.