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Introduction to Through-Hole Hand Soldering – 1 Day Course

Occasional shortcuts and ‘make-dos’ can often become the routine method for even the most experienced staff. Unfortunately, ‘on-the-job’ training can often compound rudimentary habits, and it is often the case that out-of-date or, sometimes, just bad practices can be passed on, leading to a high level of costly reworking and lowered production yields. Simple errors can lead to catastrophic and expensive failures, therefore learning the correct techniques for soldering and placing components from the outset will, assuredly, lead to less errors, less rework and quicker throughput, saving time and money.

This course has been designed for staff new to soldering and is ideally followed by The Electronics Group’s  Advanced through-hole hand soldering (includes reworking techniques) course for enhancing skills and understanding.

Course overview

This one-day introductory course provides basic skills in carrying out hand-soldering as well as enabling staff to recognise and place frequently used components.

The course demonstrates good practice and teaches the skills applicable to hand soldering to those new to the industry, as well as showing how components are recognised and positioned. It is very much a ‘how to’ course designed for staff new to soldering and the knowledge gained is, essentially, understanding soldering practices and recognising the quality of a finished soldered connection. The course is also useful for established staff who may require upskilling to acquire today’s best-practice soldering techniques.

Subjects covered include:

  • Practical soldering skills
  • Introduction to frequently-used components
  • Use of tools and equipment
  • Fitting components to printed circuit boards (PCBs)
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) procedures and ‘zaps’
  • Health & Safety in the workshop

On completion of the course attendees will receive an Electronics Group Certificate of Attendance. Completion of the course also establishes a sound basis for attending The Electronics Group’s Advanced Through-Hole Hand Soldering (includes reworking techniques) course for advancing skills and understanding.

Who should attend?

Those new to electronics manufacturing at the start of their careers will benefit from this course, as will anyone looking to improve their expertise and skills levels through exposure to best practice techniques.
This course leads to The Electronics Group’s Advanced Through-Hole Hand Soldering (includes reworking techniques) course for advancing skills and understanding.

Further details

Introduction to Through-Hole Hand Soldering is 1 day.

Training at your premises

Many courses can be delivered on-site, depending on facilities and equipment available for training. Contact us for information on The Electronics Group courses being delivered at your premises.

Students should have the necessary standard of knowledge and experience to support their attendance on a course. If students have any concerns about qualification to attend any course they should contact The Electronics Group’s training staff in advance for advice.