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IPC/WHMA-A-620 Hands-on Cable and Wire Harness Assembly Kit

£195.00 + VAT


Contains the following materials:

22 AWG Stranded Wire
18 AWG Stranded Wire
23 AWG Coax Cable
24 AWG CAT 5 Cable
28 AWG Ribbon Cable
(1) D-Sub Connector
(1) Canon Plug Connector with Contacts
(1) Machined Contact Insertion/Removal Tool
(2) Gold Cup Terminal
(2) Turret Terminal
(2) Bifurcated Terminal
(2) Pierced Terminal
(2) Hook Terminal
(4) RV18-6L Ring
(4) R18-6L Ring
(2) Butt Splice
(3) Machined Pin
(2) Pin Contact
(2) 2 AMP Connector
(2) RJ45 Plug
(2) Pin Connector
(2) Strain Clip
(6) Cable Tie
Lacing Cord

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